Risk Management-Central Coast Dressage Association Inc.

Risk Management


The Central Coast Dressage Association (CCDA) conducts dressage competitions at Il Cadore Equestrian Centre, Konda Road Somersby. This document is intended to record the requirements of the CCDA Committee in so far as they relate to issues of safety at this venue.

The committee’s requirements may change over time, but everybody is encouraged to take the issue of safety very seriously. In this context, we mean the safety of people as well as horses. Anybody who observes anything that is considered to be unsafe is asked to inform the CCDA Committee or Dressage NSW Area Delegate about the matter at the earliest opportunity.

The risk management plan is regularly updated with the latest version available on CCDA’s website. www.ccdressage.org.au


The aim of this document is to provide guidelines for the safe running of all events and other activities such as training days conducted by CCDA. All persons attending an event conducted by CCDA are expected to comply with these guidelines.

Risk Management

Although these safety guidelines are intended to provide a safe environment for people and horses, it must be recognized that the handling and riding of horses is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury and loss. Neither CCDA, nor any member of the CCDA Committee, accepts any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person. All persons who handle or ride horses, or who attend, any premises at which CCDA is conducting an event do so entirely at their own risk.

Safety Officer

A safety officer will be appointed for each event organized by CCDA. Details of the designated safety officer for the day will be posted on the notice board outside the administration office or scoring shed. Committee contact details are as follows:

At CCDA events and other activities, the designated safety officer or any committee member in attendance on the day, have the authority of CCDA Committee to make any decision necessary in relation to any matter concerning safety.

If the safety officer is not available, issues relating to safety should be referred to the safety committee for the day. Details of the designated committee will be posted on the notice board outside the administration office.

All persons present at an event organized by CCDA must comply with the decision of the safety officer or safety committee member to whom a matter relating to safety has been referred.

An incident report must be completed for every incident. Blank forms are available in the CCDA Safety folder located in the administration office. Any incident report will have detailed action plans recorded. These reports will be tabled at the next CCDA meeting following the incident.

Public Safety

There is no restriction on members of the general public attending any CCDA event. It should be assumed that members of the general public are not familiar with the behaviour of horses and do not know how to handle them or how to behave in their presence. Accordingly, persons riding or handling a horse must be especially alert for the presence of members of the general public, in particular children.

Members of the public should not, as a general rule, be permitted to enter an area that is occupied by competitors. This will include parking, areas where horses are tethered or being walked, stables, wash bays and warm up areas.


Dogs must be on a lead at all times. Dogs that are a nuisance, eg. barking or lunging at people or animals, must be removed from the premises if so directed.

Float Parking Area

Vehicle drivers must ensure that horse floats are parked a sufficient distance from other floats to enable a horse to be tied to each float and to move around without creating a hazard to other horses, people or vehicles. If the parking area is busy the tailgate must be put up and horses tied to the back of float to ensure all trailers can park safely in the area.

If a tethered horse is known to have a propensity to kick or engage in any activity that might be a danger to a passer-by, that horse must be attended by a suitable experienced person at all times whilst it is tethered.

All horses must be tied up in a safe manner.  

The owner or rider of a horse that is considered to be behaving in a dangerous manner may be requested to remove the horse from the premises. The horse will be scratched from any remaining events entered on the day and will not be permitted to be ridden during the competition.

Horse Gear

It is not the responsibility of the gear steward to check the safety of a horse’s gear. Gear safety is the responsibility of the rider.

The function of the gear steward is to check that the horse’s gear complies with EFA rules for dressage, eg. Whip length, correct bit, saddlery and dress. The EFA is the governing body for Dressage in Australia.

It is up to the rider to ensure their gear is safe and properly fitted.

Arena Rules

Riders must know and obey “arena rules” in the warm up arena. These rules are posted on the notice board outside the administration office.


All accidents causing, or with the potential to cause injury to either horse, rider, or spectators, should be reported to the safety committee, or in their absence to a CCDA Committee member located in the administration office. Details of the incident must be reported and documented to ensure appropriate action and follow-up. Incident report forms are available at the administration office.


Smoking is both a health and safety hazard. A discarded cigarette can easily cause dry grass, hay and the like to ignite. All persons who smoke are requested to do so well away from non-smokers and any flammable materials. Smoking is not permitted in the stables or any enclosed area.

First Aid

CCDA keeps a first aid box in the administration office with a range of first aid materials provided by the St Johns ambulance. This box is available for use by any senior first aid officer in connection with any injury suffered by any person.